Embracing Nature

Love for 4Runners

There is something special about being in the middle of nowhere with your Trail 4Runner, SR5 or your Limited. Trail4Runner.com is a collection of my trail expeditions, photography adventures, my Trail 4Runner Build List and the best 4Runner Accessories. Whether they are quick one day trail expeditions in Northern California or weekend adventures, I try to post every trail experience I have. I also share my favorite 4Runner Accessories and review external and internal 4runner additions. Follow along with my 4X4 experiences, photography trips, love for the great outdoors and my appreciation in what makes every 4Runner unique; Accessories and Mods. My current rig is a 2014 Trail Premium Super White Trail 4Runner; however this is not my first. My first 4Runner was a 1999 SR5 4WD Jade Green and I loved all 200,000+ miles of the ride. Since 2002, I have seen many different T4R’s with many different Accessories and Mods and in the blog, I review hundreds of them. Follow along and Keep it Wild T4R’s!