TRD Cold Air Intake (CAI) 5th Gen 4Runner

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TRD Cold Air Intake (CAI) 5th Gen 4Runner

TRD Cold Air Intake (CAI) 5th Gen 4Runner & FJ Cruiser

TRD Cold Air Intake (CAI) 5th Gen 4Runner Fits 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017+

Part number (PTR03-89100) TRD (Toyota Racing Development) Cold Air Intake System is a genuine OEM Toyota part and carries a factory warranty through Toyota part of TRD USA.

When it comes to a 5th gen 4runner intake, the TRD CAI is a must have. The next up in competition would be the AFE aftermarket intake for your 4Runner.

The TRD Intake is made by Toyota Racing Development and we feel it just belongs on the 4Runner. In our next post, we will be running a 5th Gen 4Runner TRD Intake Install, so stay tuned. Let’s get into the details on this 5th gen 4runner cold air intake.

TRD Cold Air Intake Price:

TRD Cold Air Intake (CAI) for 5th Gen 4Runners

The Dyno-Tested TRD Cold Air Intake System

TRD Cold Air Intake (CAI) 5th Gen 4Runner - Filter and Box

The TRD Cold Air Intake system is a Dyno-Tested intake system that is sure to beef up your torque and hp gains. By bringing cooler, denser air into the engine, your 5th Gen 4Runner will be running much cleaner and cooler. The TRD Cold Air Intake System features a low-restriction air filter that is housed in a special molding to keep air flowing tighter and cooler.

One of the special features of the TRD Cold Air Intake System for 5th gen 4Runners is that is has a vacuum indicator that indicates when the intake/ filter should be serviced. It’s awesome. The TRD Intake system for 5th Gen 4Runners is one of the best additions you can make to your 4Runner when it comes to aftermarket 5th Gen 4Runner Engine Parts.

What the TRD Cold Air Intake Features

TRD Cold Air Intake (CAI) 5th Gen 4Runner - Service Filter

  • For 5th Gen 4Runners 2010,13,14,15,16,17
  • 4.0L V-6 Engine
  • Emission Legal in all 50 states.
  • Dyno-Tested
  • Increase HP Gains
  • Increased Torque
  • Superior Power and Performance when coupled with Exhaust
  • Enhanced Airflow
  • Increase Fuel Efficiency
  • Reusable/Washable Air filter
  • High-Flow/Low Restriction
  • Vacuum Indicator that monitors filter Efficiency
  • Indicator for Service
  • 1 Year Toyota Warranty

Benefits of the TRD Cold Air Intake for 5th Gen 4Runners

TRD Cold Air Intake (CAI) 5th Gen 4Runner - Filter and Box

  • Lower restriction means more power and higher energy efficiency
  • High dust holding capacity means cleaner air to your engine and more power
  • Environmentally friendly, one filter for the life of your vehicle, simply clean and re-oil rather than replace
  • High heat resistant for extreme under hood environment
  • High-strength polyurethane seal material provide structural integrity for high load and vibration conditions
  • Designed using OEM parts for Maximum CO2 air filter housing
  • Surgical gauze filter media is supported by woven aluminum mesh to prevent pleat flutter and dirt migration
  • Contrasting colored oil ensures proper distribution

Increasing Horsepower on your 5th Gen 4Runner

The TRD (Toyota Racing Development) Cold Air Intake System is a force to reckoned with when it comes to increased horsepower (hp) in your 5th Gen 4Runner. Adding a TRD Cold Air Intake (CAI) System to your 4Runner will give you anywhere from 5-15 additional hp when installed and combined with other aftermarket 5th Gen accessories.

If you are making to move to the TRD Cold Air Intake, you will likely want to opt for a TRD 4Runner Exhaust System or look at other aftermarket exhaust systems like the 5th Gen 4Runner Magnaflow Exhaust.

There are many other factors that go into producing more hp in your 4Runer and they range from getting a 4Runner performance chip, aftermarket exhaust, cold air intake, TRD 4Runner air filters and of course a supercharger. The supercharger will obviously give your 4Runner the biggest power increase.

Supercharging a 5th Gen 4Runner?

By converting your 5th Gen 4Runner’s engine to a forced induction, your engine will utilize a compressor mounted on the intake. Which ultimately superchargers or turns your 4Runner into a turbo engine. As of now, Toyota and TRD (Toyota Racing Development) have not developed a supercharger for the 5th Generation.

Toyota keeps saying they are going to introduce a supercharger for the 5th Gen but we have not seen one yet. Hopefully, good things to come soon on the 5th gen supercharger for 4Runners.

The AFE Vs. TRD Cold Air Intake for 5th Gen 4Runners

This is the question for many 5th Gen 4Runner owners. What is better, the AFE intake or the TRD intake?


  • aFe 54-81932 Magnum FORCE Stage-2 Cold Air Intake System (10-15): $500
  • TRD (PTR03-89100) Cold Air Intake System: $475


  • aFe produces 10 hp. 15 lbs. x ft. torque and outflows the factory intake by 34%.
  • TRD produces increase hp and torque (yeah, they don’t say much)


aFe: The housing features auxiliary inlet duct for better airflow as well as an attractive black aluminum cover that provides ready access to the filter for servicing. This intake system also features a heat-insulating molded plastic tube that replaces the stock intake tract and directs increased air flow with improved volumetric efficiency for maximum performance.

TRD: The TRD Air Intake Systems are developed using OE Engineering Information. In this case, that’s important because the mass airflow sensor – a critical component of the engine management system – is located in the intake area and must be accommodated in the design of the air intake.


If you are buying a cold air intake for your 5th Gen 4Runner, I would personally have to say TRD, only because it is made by TRD. However, we did read that aFe makes the TRD Intake. I know, strange right.

The forums are pretty close in a back and fourth battle of which is the clear winner. Most 5th Gen 4Runners have either of the two; TRD or aFe. It is a close battle between the two. I think it comes down to personal preference on look and sound. Both have a loud sound, both increase power, both look cool.

All in all, we would still opt to buy the TRD Intake. Eventually, couple that with a TRD supercharger and you will be smashing down the freeway and mobbing over trails.

TRD cold air intake kit contents

  • Air filter
  • upper airbox
  • lower airbox
  • hump coupler
  • throttle body coupler
  • air inlet tube
  • airflow accelerator

TRD cold air intake bag contents

TRD Cold Air Intake (CAI) 5th Gen 4Runner - Parts

  • Number 52 hose clamp
  • number 56 hose clamp
  • number 72 hose clamp
  • plastic nipple 1/8 inch
  • plastic nipple 5/8 of an inch
  • hose 5/32 of an inch ID X 20 inches
  • convoluted split loom 15″
  • Airbox clip
  • filter minder grommet
  • filter minder
  • nylon tie strap – treemount
  • Nylon tie strap 6″
  • bracket and wire harness
  • bowl
  • socket M4 by 0.7 x 8 mm
  • instructions

TRD cold air intake recommended tools

  • Blankets or fender covers
  • nut driver
  • 10 mm socket
  • 12 mm socket
  • quarter inch drive socket
  • quarter inch drive ratchet
  • quarter inch drive extension 6 inches long
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • screwdriver
  • Allen wrench 3 mm
  • torque wrench 0 to 120 feet pounds of torque
  • Glass cleaner
  • silicone spray lubricant

Emission Compliance TRD 5th Gen 4Runner Cold Air Intake

For 2010-2017+ (5th Generation Models), Toyota has changed the emission compliance information on the cold air intake. A new process has been implemented by Toyota which means there is no longer a need for the emissions label which is typically included in the performance air intake kit for the 5th Gen 4Runner and FJ cruiser’s.

We are located in California and will not be using an emissions compliant label. If your state requires an emissions compliant label, one may be ordered through Toyota dealer or the Toyota materials distribution center at 310-468-9800, or

The TRD performance air intake kit or cold air intake has received 50 state emissions compliance via the California Air Resources Board or CARB. Not all states require the emissions compliance label but TRD does recommend ordering one.

To receive the proper emissions compliance label for the TRD performance air intake kit or cold air intake please order MDC part number 00602–35120. Also, proof of ownership may be required, so you may need to prove that you bought the TRD cold air intake from an official distributor.

Check it out below – This thing is a BEAST!!!

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  • Angie Kuykendall

    When I go on the TRD website to search for TRD parts for my 2017 4Runner TRD PRO it says the CAI is not an option for 2017?? I am wanting to add this to my vehicle was just curious why its not listed as an option for 2017. Is there a difference between the 2016 and 2017? I would appreciate any info if you have it. Thank you. Your page is awesome!! Keep up the good work.

    • Bgreene

      Angie, good question.

      If your 2017 4Runner has the v6 4.0-liter engine, it should fit just fine. We have a 2014 and a 2016 4Runner, they both have the same engine, I don’t think there is anything different about the 2017. Pop your hood and make sure your engine bay looks like this (4Runner Intake Install – Refer to Step #1). If everything looks similar, you should have the V6 4.0-liter engine in which the 5th Gen TRD intake should fit your 2017. I would call your local Toyota service center also to see what they say. Also, Toyota said that the same intake did not work for the 2014 4Runner (maybe CA state emissions??), but we clearly installed it and it kicks ass. In any case, if you are running the same engine with the same layout, I think you should be safe. Again, just check your local Toyota service center and see what they say.

      EDIT: The K&N is the only intake that is currently available for the 2017-2018 4Runner ( Good Luck and thanks for the kind words!

  • Benjamin Cox

    Are you sure this fits(PTR03-89100) a 2016 4runner looking up the part number it says it it does not fit onto a 2016 4runner.

    • Bgreene


      For whatever reason (Maybe California Emission Standards – Amazon wouldn’t even ship it to California), Amazon and even the Toyota Service Center will say that the intake does not fit. I had to purchase it directly from an out of state TRD authorized dealer. With this being said, I am 100% certain it fits on 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. We own a 5th Gen 2014 TE (Trail Edition) which is installed here (TRD Step by Step CAI Install), along with a new 2016 SR5 which has the same exact engine layout. There is literally nothing different about the engine. Also, on Amazon, there are many different people that say they have installed on 2016 SR5 and TE (Trail Edition). Your 4Runner has a 4.0L V6 Engine (Same Engine). It will be a clean easy install. Go for it.

  • John LaPlume

    Talked to Toyota today, apparently they moved the air pump on the 2017 4Runner so this will not work. Hopefully they will come out with an updated version soon. John…

    • Bgreene


      Good to know. Thanks for the heads up. Let us know if you hear any update on the 2017 4Runner CAI (TRD or any aftermarket Intakes).

  • Fern

    Hi – Was able to install this exact TRD CAI on my 2017 TRD Off-Road with a very minor modification. Nice clean install. Runs great!!

    • Bgreene

      Yo Fern,

      Thanks for sharing. This is good news to many 2017+ owners out there who want to install the TRD Intake. Thanks for sharing your images through email. We will get these posted somewhere on the site to show that installing the TRD intake on the 2017+ is possible.

      Thanks again for sharing.

  • Robert

    The third sentence in this article has the word you and it should be the word your.

    • Bgreene

      Robert, lol. Thanks! I appreciate it!

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