Black on Black Blackout Kit 5th Gen 4Runner

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Black on Black Blackout Emblem Kit 5th Gen 4Runner

Black on Black Blackout Emblem Kit - 5th Gen 4Runner

Black on Black Blackout Emblem Kit (Press On) – 5th Gen 4Runner

In a previous post, we pressed on the 4Runner Blackout Emblem Kit for the 2016 SR5 4Runner. Today, we dropped the same exact kit on our other 4Runner. The only difference from the SR5 and our Trail Edition Premium 4Runner, is that the Trail Edition Premium has an all black license plate valance (I think that is what you call it, correct me if I am wrong). Because the Trail 4Runner has the black valance, this will make for an obvious black on black – blackout emblem kit.

If you have the Trail Edition 4Runner or any 4Runner with the black valance, this is what you will end up with. We originally bought the other 4Runner Blackout Emblem Kit for this 4Runner, but I thought it would look better on the all white SR5. Although the kit does look great on the all white 4Runner, I was still curious to see what it would look like on the black valance.

It turned out pretty good. The black emblems on the black valance definitely give the 4Runner a unique look. At about $100, it is worth it to at least see what it will look like on your 4Runner.


Your every day SR5 Toyota 4Runner Blackout Kit

  • The SR5 Kit Here (Works for TRD & Trail): Check Today’s Price on Amazon
  • (2) SR5 Emblems
  • Front Toyota Logo Emblem
  • Rear Toyota Logo Emblem
  • Rear 4RUNNER Emblems


The Limited Toyota 4Runner Blackout Kit


The TRD Off-Road Toyota 4Runner Blackout Kit

Blackout Rear 4Runner Letters

I wanted to provide a whole shot of the back, not just a close-up shot. Looking at the whole backside of the 4Runner gives you a much better perspective of what the blackout kit looks like. This should give you a pretty good idea of what the kit will look like on your black valance.

Black on Black Blackout Emblem Kit (Press On) - 5th Gen 4Runner

Blackout Rear Toyota Logo

With this kit, you could even just add the two Toyota Logo Emblems and leave the 4Runner text emblems chrome. I dropped it all on there to see what it would like but it didn’t look half bad with just the two Toyota Logo Emblems on the front and back.

Black on Black Blackout Emblem Kit (Press On) - 5th Gen 4Runner

Front Toyota Logo

That’s about it. The front looks great with the blackout emblem kit with a now fully black 4Runner grill. You can also choose to swap out the Toyota logo with the TRD 4Runner Grill. They are both an awesome look. Whatever you choose, let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear your thoughts on the Black on Black Blackout Emblem Kit.

Black on Black Blackout Emblem Kit (Press On) - 5th Gen 4Runner - Front

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  • George

    Brenan, awesome post. Car looks sick and this is going to be the first mod on my new 17 4runner. Any suggestions for how to black out the bottom bumper of the car?

    • Bgreene

      Thanks, George!

      Yeah, the Black on Black does look pretty good. For the bottom bumper valance, that’s a good question. I believe on the 2017 4Runner, there is no plastic valance unless you have the TRD Pro or TRD Off-Road. In this case, then they will already be black. If you have the SR5, then that whole lower bumper section is the same color as the rest of your 4Runner. To really black out that section, you would need to chop off your front bumper (which would be a pain) and then paint it.

      You can always plasti-dip anything but I wouldn’t go that route, either. Toyota doesn’t make any replacement part for that entire valance area because it’s part of the actual vehicle. But, you might want to go the extra mile and grab a C4 Fab front bumper or the SSO front bumper for that area as you can powder coat them black and they look great and function when you need them too.

  • Larry Marshall


    This looks sick! Where can I get one for my 2013 SR5 4-Runner

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