Official Trail 4Runner Stickers – FREE

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Official Trail 4Runner (Trail4R) Stickers

For a limited time, like literally 2 weeks these stickers will be free. 

trail 4r 4runner stickers

The Official – 5th Gen 4Runner Network stickers have Landed!

So, how do you get some of these stickers?

Click this link and add the stickers to your cart and checkout. Pretty simple. 

This will be a one-time thing for the Die-Cut stickers. But, we will always keep our other stickers free.

That’s it.


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  • JC

    These really are FREE. So cool to see others with #runnerlove. Thx

    • Bgreene

      Indeed, they are. We really just wanted to give out cool stuff for free. Who doesn’t like FREE!

  • Steve

    Dude, just got these in the mail. Wow. Thanks for sending these out man. This has to be the best 4Runner blog or website, EVER. Thanks again.

    • Bgreene


      No problem man, glad you like them! If you have not already, send us a shot of your Trail4R sticker on something epic. Thanks again for the support.

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