Body Mount Chop (34″ Tires ) 5th Gen 4Runner

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34″ Tires (Body Mount Chop) – 5th Gen 4Runner

34" Tires (285/75R17) on 5th Gen 4Runner

34″ Toyo Open County AT 2 Tires (285/75R17) & 17″ Fuel Anza Bronze Wheels on the 5th Gen 4Runner – Body Mount Chop and Trimming

With the addition of bigger tires, you will need to do some trimming. There was quite a bit of hesitation when we decided to go with the 34″ tires on the 5th Gen 4Runner. But, at the end of the day, we are pumped that we did. The 34″ tires on the 5th Gen give it a pretty mean stance and we are absolutely prepared for just about anything out there, within reason.

We decided to go with the 34″ Toyo Open County All Terrain 2 Tires (285/75R17), and the 17″ Fuel Anza Bronze Wheels on the Trail Premium. Our next step after getting these installed was straight over to the body shop to have the Body Mounts Chopped. Once we have the body mounts chopped off, we can start trimming some of the plastic from inside the wheel well.

34″ Toyo Open County AT 2 Tires (285/75R17)

5th Gen 4Runner Fuel Anza Bronze 17x8.5 (4Runner)

What is like driving with 24″ tires? It is quite a bit different compared to 31″ tires. That is for damn sure. When we first pulled off with the new tires, you can tell the 4Runner was a bit sluggish. We have a TRD Intake combined with the Magnaflow Exhaust for performance and it didn’t seem to make much a difference compared to when we first installed them. The 4Runner felt a bit slower, to say the least.

I knew there was going to be a difference but I didn’t know it was going to be as much as it is. The sluggishness goes away after you get going, but off the line, the 4Runner needs to motivation.

It is a good thing my commute to work every day is less than a mile. My office is across the street from my house which makes for a nice slow comfortable ride. With that being said, it doesn’t bother me that much.

It really depends on how much you take your 4Runner off-road. We go out as often as we can and we don’t always write blog posts for places we go. And, sometimes we hit the same places that we have gone in the past, so it does not make much sense to write another post on them.

17″ Fuel Anza Bronze Wheels

These wheels are stunning. For our sake, you will not buy them as we have not seen one 4Runner with these wheels. There are a few Tacoma and Tundra owners out there with these wheels. But as of right now, we are the only 4Runner with these wheels. They are pretty nasty. Matte Bronze with the Black Beadlock Ring.

They are not a “True” Beadlock Ring, although Fuel does make one wheel that is a “True” Beadlock. Also, the Beadlock on these one-piece wheels are not removable. If you do paint these Beadlocks, it will void your warranty.

  • Wheel Size: 17X8.50
  • 4Runner Bolt Pattern: 5×139.7
  • Finish: BR -BRZ
  • Bore: 108
  • Offset: -6
  • Backspace: 4.500
  • Weight: 25
  • Lip Size: 2.68

Body Mount Chop – 5th Gen 4Runner

Body Mount Chop - 5th Gen 4Runner

Body Mount Chop - 5th Gen 4Runner

The Body Mount Chop on the 5th Gen 4Runner is a well-known 5th Gen 4Runner mod if you are running larger tires on your 5th Gen. If you have a 3″ suspension, like the stage 2 Icon 4Runner suspension, you can 33″ tires and be fine. No modifications are needed.

But, if you go with 34″ tires on your 5th Gen 4Runner with a 3″ suspension lift, you will need to chop your 4Runner Body Mounts. Furthermore, if you are running 33″ tires or even 32″ tires on your 4Runner with a 5th Gen 4Runner Leveling Kit, you may need to chop your body mounts.

On a previous post, we installed 31″ KO2’s on a 3″ Pro Comp leveling Kit and there is plenty of room. No need for the body mount on this one. 31″ tires really fit under anything. Even a 2″ in the front and 1″ in the back, 31″ tires will have plenty of room.

What is a Body Mount?

Our 5th Gen 4Runner is a Body on Frame. Maybe the last of its generation in the 5th generation 4Runner. The frame holds the engine, suspension and the supports the body with rubber bushings, anywhere from 6 to 12 separate points. The body mount and body mount bushings cushion the ride, but over time they break down.

The actual body mounts that we are referring to is underneath both the front driver and passenger side of the 4Runner, closest to your nerf bars of rock sliders. These body mounts have a steel casing that encloses the actual body mounts. This body mount encloser needs to be chopped off as it will interfere with your larger tires.

Body Mount Chop + Trimming Plastic Fender Pieces?

5th Gen 4Runner Plastic Inner Fender Cap

There are a couple different places where you will need to modify your plastic fender wheel well parts on top of chopping your body mounts. Some of these are needed in our case and some of these are not. Every 4Runner is different. For whatever reason, you may not need to trim some of the same areas that we will need to trim and vice versa. Every make and model 4Runner is a little different but everything is pretty similar, so you will get the point.

  1. Plastic Fender Cap – NEEDED
  2. Plastic Rear Fender Cover – PUSH BACK?
  3. Plastic Front Fender Cover – PUSH BACK?

Body Mount Chop + Trimming 4Runner Body?

Body Mount Chop + Trimming 4Runner Body?

Pictured Above was cutting that we already made for our leveling kit, just to give it a little more room. You can see the uneven cuts from what we had done before. We are going to go a step further with the new 34″ tires. 

You will need to chop and trim up your 4Runner body. Yes, you will literally need to cut a piece off of your pretty 4Runner’s body. The body mount chop will only prevent the inside area (rear of the wheel well) from rubbing. The trimming of your 4Runner’s body will need to take place in the front of the wheel well, closest to your grill. By chopping the front of the 4Runner’s body fender, you will prevent rubbing on the front of the wheel well.

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