Ellis Precision TRD Shift Knobs – 4Runner/ FJ

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Ellis Precision TRD Shift Knobs – 5th Gen 4Runner

Ellis Precision TRD 4Runner Knobs

Custom Trail4R Ellis Precision Automatic Shifter Knobs with Transfer Case Knobs (TRD, 4R, and Other Designs Optional)

Overall, these aftermarket 4Runner shift knobs are just flat out amazing. When it comes to 5th Gen 4Runner Accessories, these are a must-have. If you want to go with a custom shift knob, these are great. With that being said, they are also not cheap compared to the aftermarket TRD Shift Knobs which come in at $89 and are pretty weak.

The Ellis Precision TRD 4Runner Knobs (custom) come in at $139 and basic stock designs at $119. While you can get other similar style solutions on Amazon for $99, I don’t think anything really compares to the Ellis Precision Automatic Shifter Knob in terms of a custom TRD shift knob. 

If you would like to get almost any designed engraved, you can for about $119 which is nothing.

Branding Options for Custom Ellis Precision Automatic Shifter Knobs

Ellis Precision 4Runner Shift Nob

  • The Official Trail 4R Brand
  • FJ
  • TRD
  • TEQ
  • PRO
  • 4R
  • Distressed American Flag

There are quite a few options for something cool with the Ellis Precision 4Runner Knobs. They have every model 4Runner option as well as a few extras. Take a look at the bullet list above and choose what branding/ etching you want on your knobs. If you want the Trail 4R shift knobs, let us know or let Ellis Precision know and I am sure, they will print it for you. 

CNC Machined 4Runner Shift Knobs

Exactly what Ellis Precision says about their product:

CNC machined for a precise fit, with a unique installation method that allows for a solid mechanical attachment to your FJ Cruiser or 5th Gen 4Runner. Simply unthread your plastic OEM knobs, and thread these solid aluminum knobs on in their place using the included instructions. No adhesives, no fuss, no mess.

Ellis Precision Automatic Shifter Knob Install

Custom Ellis Precision Automatic Shifter Knobs

Remove the stock 4Runner or FJ knob by unthreading

Take M8 threaded automatic shifter knob and thread it all the way down, with the threaded portion facing up. Next, put the M8 lock washer over the threaded shaft and allow it to rest in the machined pocket on top of the M8 automatic shifter knob (long shaft portion). Thread the top portion (the automatic shift knob head) of the M8 automatic shifter knob all the way down.

Note where the etching has orientated, and twist the knob backward, up the threads until it is straight.

Positioning the Etching Face Alignment

Now, while holding the etching straight or inline with where you want the etching to face, twist the automatic shift knob long shaft portion backward (counter-clockwise), up against the bottom of the M8 automatic shift knob head and lock washer, locking the automatic shift knob head into alignment.

Using this method, you can adjust the height of the knob up a few threads, but it is recommended that the automatic transmission shift knob is installed as far down onto the shaft as possible to eliminate stress on the threads.

Ellis Precision Transfer Case or Manual Six Speed Install

Custom Ellis Precision Automatic Shifter Knobs

Remove the stock Transfer Case or Manual Six Speed Shifter knob by unthreading.

Take the 2 M12 jam nuts, and one at a time, thread all the way down onto the M12 transfer case shifter shaft. Ensure the M12 nuts are hand tighten together, and test the transfer case shifter alignment. Just take a mental note of what gear you in. At this point, you are more than likely in High 2.

Note that the machined pocket in the bottom of the transfer case knob should stop against the floor of the pocket, up inside the transfer case knob head. If they don’t touch, move the nuts up the threads a couple turns, lock the nuts against each other, and try again.

Once you have the transfer case shifter knob head bottoming out on the pair of jam nuts, that are lightly jammed together, note the alignment.

Positioning the Etching Face Alignment

Remove the transfer case shifter knob head, adjust the top jam nut up the same twist amount you need to adjust the shifter edging, and use a pair of wrenches to hold the top nut while jamming the bottom nut tight up against the top one. Thread the transfer case shifter knob head back on, and tighten against the pair of nuts.

If you are still not happy with the alignment, tweak the nuts and transfer case shifter knob head a little more.

Note: For a lower profile installation it may be possible to get proper alignment using only one jam nut, but in our experience, this method is not as secure and typically requires a little more trial and error.

Ellis Precision TRD 4Runner Knobs Quality

The Ellis Precision TRD 4Runner Knobs are a pure work of art. The not only look amazing, the feel heaven-sent. They might get a bit cold in the winter or warm in the summer but that’s what polycrystalline window tinting your 4Runner is for. So, if you have a problem with a warm or cold shift knob and want to be a little girl about it, don’t buy a set. If you want to hop in your 4Runner every day and say holy Sh** these are so cool, then buy a set of the Ellis Precision TRD (or custom) 4Runner Knobs.

Once properly install the Ellis Precision TRD 4Runner Knobs will hold their alignment very well and will fit any Toyota with perfect alignment without having to play with some sticky adhesives. These sticky adhesive 4Runner shift knobs fall under thermal cycles resulting from vehicles left outside in the sun, which can damage your set screws which will definitely damage the shaft threads.

Aftermarket 4Runner Shift Knobs

If you are looking for an aftermarket shift knob, this one takes the cake, clearly. If you are not sold already, just send us an email and we will tell you just how awesome they are. The Ellis Precision TRD 4Runner Knobs fit absolutely perfect and are incredibly easy to install. You just screw them in. A little bit of tweaking may need to happen to get your logo alignment correct if you want, but that really is it. Ellis Precision ships their product well and you can tell Ellis Precision really cares about what they produce.

Cheers guys, what an amazing product!

Ellis Precision TRD 4Runner Knobs

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