Write an Install or 4Runner Product Review – Authors & Contributors

So here is a brief rundown on what we are looking for:

Wordcount for Articles & Step by Step Installs

Wordcount is usually preferred at 1000+ words with high-res images for $100. Text/ Copy must be 100% unique. This means that your install needs to be uniquely written and not posted anywhere else, like a forum.

Professional Photos

Professional pictures or as high quality as possible are preferred for all step by step installs. We would like to see an image for each step of the install process. Even if the step seems to basic to share, it may not be. Sometimes pictures of a wrench on a bolt is a really good shot. We shoot all of our installs with DSLRs, so if you have a DSLR, please shoot your installs with a quality camera.

How To Send Photos

Please send photos as attachments in an email, through DropBox or a Google Drive. Please do not send photos as an embedded image on your phone.

What we Pay

  • We pay $50 for posts with 500+ words.
  • We pay $75 for posts with 750+ words.
  • We pay $100 for posts with 1000+ words.
  • We pay $125 for posts with 2000+ words.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

email bg@trail4r.com once you have your article and images prepared. 

Please submit a note about your next install. We feature anything from $20 installs to $2000+ installs. Or, you can review one of your current mods and share it with the 4Runner community. Let us know if you would like to share an install or a 4Runner product review. Thanks!

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