5th Gen 4Runner Aftermarket Accessories

5th Gen 4runner Accessories

5th Gen 4Runner Aftermarket Accessories & Interior/ Exterior Mods

Performance Accessories & Interior Accessories for the 5th Generation Toyota 4Runner

When it comes to improving your 5th Gen 4Runner, the look and feel matters just about as much as the performance. Your 5th Gen 4Runner is complete work of beauty, but it sure is fun making it truly your own. There are hundreds of interior 4Runner accessories that can make driving feel even more functional than your every day SR5. On the other hand, you also have endless options for aftermarket exterior performance and overland parts.

When your 5th Gen 4Runner looks and feels amazing, you’re going to love driving it. From TRD shift knobs to oil caps, TRD 4Runner aftermarket accessories will give you the driving experience you want. With OEM replacements like TRD Intakes and performance Magnaflow and Borla exhaust systems, you can get high performance with a luxury feel at the same time. The 5th Gen 4Runner boasts more features in the cabin than some Mercedez. I know first hand because my girl had a Mercedez and was always on my 4Runner jock. Needless to say, she sold her AMG Mercedes and bought herself a 2016 SR5 third row 4Runner

Aftermarket 5th Gen 4Runner accessories are the finishing details that really make or break your 4Runner. With 4Runner aftermarket accessories, you customize your 4Runner in so many ways. Let’s drive into this massive list of TRD Aftermarket 5th Gen 4Runner accessories and TRD 5th Gen 4Runner accessory alternatives. This is list is not in any specific order; however, it goes from easy installs and accessories to a bit more involved installs and builds. 

California 4×4 Trails Book – A Must Have 4×4 Book!

California 4x4 Trails Book Review

Not much of a performance mod, but this handy little California 4×4 Trails book will give you great insight to all of the local trails throughout Northern and Southern California. If you reside in California and are interested in taking your 4Runner off-road or on some advanced 4×4 trails, this is a must-own book. For everyone in other states, there are many state specific 4×4 books that we suggest you invest in. These books come in very handy when you are doing weekend warrior research.

ARB Off-Road E-Z Deflator & ARB Inflator

ARB E Z Deflator Review & How To Use

The ARB E-Z Deflator and Inflator are an essential pair of tire pressure tools for off-road trails. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these tools will help make your off-road experience much more enjoyable. Also, these tools are very affordable compared to some of these other overland accessories you can buy. We highly recommend grabbing these whether your 4Runner is lifted 4″ or completely stock.

4Runner Blackout Emblem Kit

4Runner Blackout Emblem Kit - The N Vs. The U

The 5th Gen 4Runner Blackout Emblem kit may be one of the easiest, coolest changes you make to your stock 4Runner. Alongside tinting a 5th Gen 4Runner, the 4Runner blackout kit will make your 4Runner instantly stand out among the other stock 4Runners.

5th Gen 4Runner Rear Cargo Mats & Weather Mats

Rear Cargo Mat 5th Gen 4Runner Trail Cargo Deck

When you have so many options to choose from in the cargo mat department, it is hard to choose any one brand. From Weather Stopper to Weather Tech and even factory 4Runner cargo mats, the choices are endless. This Weather Stopper Cargo Mat we opted to grab is a high-quality rubber mat for the rear deck of your 4Runner.

TRD 4Runner Oil Caps & Radiator Caps

TRD Oil Cap with TRD Intake - 5th Gen 4Runner

When you open up your engine compartment, do you feel a sense of happiness and TRD pride? You can, with a TRD oil cap. These caps are pressure cast and highly polished to a perfect billet style, and then given a high-luster coating for a gorgeous appearance. They directly replace your original oil caps. 

TRD 4Runner Shift Knobs

Ellis Precision 4Runner Shift Nob

How many times do you shift while you drive? Even if you have an automatic, isn’t it nice to have something nice to grab onto? How does your shift knob feel? Does it make you feel amazing whenever you touch it? Or is it one of those super basic, stock, boring, dealership nobs…

You deserve a shift knob that feels really good in your hand. Everyone’s hands are different – why should all shift knobs be the same? TRD offers many different shift knobs so you can find one that feels just right in your hand. TRD shift knobs are easy to install, with direct fit screw threads or self-tapping sleeves. The fit is tight and stable, and the feel when you drive is amazing. TRD shift knobs fit on any M12 x 1.25 metric Toyota shift lever.

While TRD shift nobs are cool, you don’t have to settle for a TRD shift nob either. Take a look at the above nobs made by ellisprecision.ca. These things are pretty sexy! This would be the best 4Runner Christmas gift, ever. If you are looking for any type of 4Runner gift idea, this is a top contender. 

ARB Differential Breather Kit 5th Gen 4Runner

ARB Differential Breather Kit 5th Gen 4Runner

If you dream of crossing creeks and rivers at night, you need to install the 5th Gen 4Runner ARB Diff Breather Kit. This is a more involved install but after you install it, you can be at peace when you cross that first creek or river. This diff breather kit stops water from entering your differential which can serious damages to your drivetrain. If you are serious at all about taking care of your 4Runner, grab one of these.

Rhino-Rack Roof Rack & Other Roof Racks

Rhino-Rack Pioneer Tray - 5th Gen 4Runner

Grabbing a roof rack is key for your 4Runner. The factory rails will not carry too much. They are a means to an end. Whether you are looking to install a Baja Utility Rack or a Rhino-Rack Pioneer Roof Rack, moving forward with a roof rack is key for your 5th Gen 4Runner. We recently installed the Rhino-Rack and could not be happier with the purchase. This is a super easy to install rack, and covers everything we will need and more. Down the road, we may install a full-length rack, but the Rhino-Rack covers most of our needs.

Rigid Industries lights & Lightbars

Rigid Industries 6” E-Series Spot/Flood Combo lights

Whatever lights you are equipping your 4Runner with, you don’t want to go cheap. Going the cheap route with electrical components in your car is a recipe for disaster. There are many areas on your 4Runner for lights. You can opt for light bars, upgraded fog and head lights, marker lights, reverse lights, spot lights, flood lights and many others.

5th Gen 4Runner TRD Skid Plate

2017 TRD Pro Cement - TRD Skid Plate

The TRD Skid Plate is one of those accessories almost everyone wants on their 4Runner. And, at such an inexpensive price, why not? The 5th Gen 4Runner TRD Skid Plate is easy to install and can be done in under an hour. If you are looking for a quick addition to your 4Runner, this is an awesome option at an affordable price. Whether you go with the TRD Pro Skid Plate or any aftermarket skid plate, this is an essential off-road accessory for your 5th Gen 4Runner.

Trail 4Runner N-Fab Hooped Nerf Bars – 5th Gen

Trail 4Runner N-Fab Hooped Nerf Bars - 5th Gen

There are plenty of options when it comes to 5th Gen 4Runner rock sliders and nerf bars. The N-Fab 4Runner Slider/Steps are a great choice for anyone looking for an awesome 4Runner accessory that is super easy to install. Whether you go with premium rock sliders, aftermarket running boards or a set of ner bars, you wont regret it.

TRD Pro 4runner Grill Swap – Before and After

TRD Pro 4runner Grill Swap - Before and After

If you are looking to remove the factory Toyota logo from your grill and replace it with the TOYOTA grill, you will not be disappointed. Many 5th Gen 4Runner owners have installed this mod and are quite happy with the end result. The TRD Pro Grill swap is a very popular 5th Gen mod and will be for years to come on our 4Runner.

MagnaFlow Or Borla Exhaust

5th Gen 4Runner Magnaflow Exhaust

The 5th Gen 4Runner Magnaflow Exhaust is a beast, while the Borla Exhaust is a bit more mellow. Whatever your speed exhaust, you should grab one. They give your 5th Gen 4Runner a bit more horse power and they sound much better than your stock 4Runner. The 5th Gen Exhaust is a must have performance accessory on your 4Runner.

TRD Cold Air Intake (CAI) 5th Gen 4Runner

TRD Cold Air Intake (CAI) 5th Gen 4Runner

When you purchase any generation Toyota 4Runner, you are buying a quality vehicle. You are committing to quality. Don’t jeopardize that quality by putting just any cold air intake on. You can maintain and even increase the quality of your Toyota with a TRD cold air intake (4Runner Intake Install Here). So whenever you want a bit more power from your 5th Gen 4Runner, TRD Cold Air Intake is the way to go. There are a few other options out there for your 5th Gen as well. If you find that the TRD intake is not the right fit for you, take a look at the K&N Intake as well as the AFE Intake. 

Leveling Kits and Spacer Lift Kits

Spacer Lift Level Kits 5th Gen 4Runners

Spacer Lift and Level Kits for the 5th Gen 4Runner come in all shapes and sizes. All of these Spacer Lift Level Kits and leveling kits are super affordable and will give your truck a drastic change in appearance. A great 5th Gen 4Runner accessory for anyone looking for a more aggressive stance. You can go with a ToyTec Leveling Kit, Daystar Leveling Kit or a Pro Comp Leveling Kit (ProComp Level Kit Install Here). All of which are similar but the Pro Comp Leveling Kit might be the most robust leveling kit on the market for the 5th Gen 4Runner.

5th Gen 4Runner – Tires & Wheels

5th Gen 4Runner - KO2 Tires

When it comes to wheels, we actually have a core few 5th Gen 4Runner wheels to choose from. There are many manufacturers that make wheels but they may not be available in our bolt pattern. For wheels, you can’t go wrong with a set of TRD wheels. They are built for our 4Runner and are pretty affordable compared to other off-road wheels on the market.

TRD Pro Suspension 5th Gen 4Runner

TRD Pro Suspension 5th Gen 4Runner

When it comes to 4Runner TRD Suspension, you are looking at Bilstein shocks with a TRD logo. Simple as that. Those red coil overs sure are pretty but you can purchase the same exact kit for much less. The only difference is that you are not going to get a TRD logo on your suspension.

TRD Pro Suspension Alternatives for the 5th Gen 4Runner

Bilstein 4Runner Rear Shocks 5100

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