TRD 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Supercharger

4Runner Supercharger 5th Gen

Factory TRD/ TRD Pro Superchargers and Aftermarket Superchargers for 5th Generation 4Runners

TRD Superchargers are made for Toyotas and Scions, and will work on cars, trucks, and SUVs. With a TRD supercharger, you will get more horsepower and torque, so you can accelerate faster from a full stop. These superchargers aren’t exhaust-driven, so there’s no delay.

Press the throttle and you’ll feel the response immediately. Whether you need extra power for pulling heavy things, passing slowpokes on the road, or just getting there faster, TRD superchargers will get your vehicle going better than ever.

So, what’s the deal with the 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Supercharger?

It doesn’t exist, that’s what the deal is!

We’re now in 2017 and here is the status:

  1. Toyota is still working on releasing the TRD Supercharger for the 5th Gen
  2. Toyota has been testing the supercharger on a few 4Runners for quite some time (No issues)
  3. Toyota is not giving any prices until the product is released  ($5000-$8000????)
  4. It will be at the 2017 FJ Summit
  5. One pulley size option will be released
  6. All TRD Supercharger research is based on California Emissions (which we all love to hate)
  7. Purchasing requires you to register your VIN number
  8. You will not be able to smog without registering VIN number
  9. There will be a limited number of units available (testing the market?)
  10. If you are registered to Toyota Newsletter, you should get an email about it.
  11. They are looking at releasing product in August-September of 2017

2017 UPDATE: Magnuson Superchargers Builds a Supercharger for the 5th Gen 4Runner and it will be at the FJ Summit. 

Magnuson Supercharger 5th Gen 4runner

Straight From Magnusun Superchargers (8/25/2017)

We’re finally ready to take in applications for those who own 2010-Present Toyota 4Runners or 2010-2014 Toyota FJ Cruisers who are interested in being part of our pilot build program. Here’s how it works:

  • First, if you are on Facebook and/or Instagram, please make sure you are following us.
  • Apply using the “APPLY NOW” button below. Review of the applications will take approximately 2 weeks depending on how many we get (which will be a lot). Please do not contact us at all about the application selection until we contact you.
  • If selected you will receive an email from us sometime Sep 11-15th 2017. If you do not hear from us, please wait till the production kits are available for the masses.
  • When selected you must be ready to purchase the blower at the discounted rate we are providing it for ($5000+shipping). We will have you call in to place your order. You will also be signing a pilot build/sponsorship agreement.
  • Once you receive your supercharger kit, the FIRST thing you will need to do to help facilitate a quicker install is remove your ECU and mail it to us so that we can load in the calibration for the kit. The quicker you send it, the quicker we can get it back. You can even do this the moment you’ve paid for the kit instead of waiting till you receive it at your door.
  • You or a local shop will install your kit and document any difficulties or suggestions you might have with the installation process and provide that written feedback to us. No whining, just professional feedback. Please do not custom calibrate or tune your vehicle on a dyno until after the pilot build phase is complete.
  • Once the kit is installed and your newly programmed ECU is back in, please daily drive the vehicle, perform recreational activities with it if possible, and just flat out HAVE FUN with it. Photo/Video document your happiness with your new-found horsepower and torque and Photo/Video document any issues you might have with the kit after installation and use and provide back to us for review and support. If you need to bring the vehicle to us to have something looked at or checked, please do.
  • If there are any issues with the vehicle due to the recently installed supercharger kit, please be ready for us to have your vehicle for as much time as needed to fix the issue to determine where the issue occurred and how to move forward with it. Please have another daily driver ready to go, we will not be covering rental car expenses.
  • Once the pilot build testing phase is complete, please continue to enjoy your kit and show the world what they will be looking forward to expecting when the rest of the production units come to market this year!

Why should you buy a 5th Gen 4Runner Supercharger?

TRD superchargers increase air flow and air pressure while maintaining the correct ratio of fuel to air. Since they work on the front end of the combustion process instead of being driven by exhaust, you get an immediate response as soon as you push the gas pedal.

Unlike many other turbochargers on the market, you won’t lose fuel efficiency with TRD superchargers. TRD superchargers are belt driven, instead of exhaust driven, so you get better performance and better efficiency. If you want to go from idle to full speed fast, without killing your engine, then a supercharger is for you.

Power and Torque from a Supercharger

When you need the power and torque that you would get from a bigger, more powerful engine, the TRD supercharger gives you that. This means that you can pull bigger loads and carry heavier things. Even though your stock 5th Gen 4Runner is the last runner up in towing, you will be amazed at how much heavy duty power you have with a TRD supercharger.

And when you don’t need heavy duty hauling power, the TRD supercharger gives you the effects of a lightweight, super-efficient engine. You can benefit from fuel efficiency and race car levels of responsiveness.

TRD superchargers push more air into each stroke of the cylinders. Therefore they are even more effective at high altitudes. TRD superchargers meet emissions requirements in all 50 states, so you don’t need to worry about failing inspections after installing a turbocharger.

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